We provide a variety of the finest handmade Afghan and Pakistani rugs and carpets with traditional and modern designs at an affordable price. Each of our rug and carpet designs have been carefully and creatively hand woven and hand knotted using the ancient technique of Afghan carpet weaving and hand knotting which has been already a part of our family’s tradition for centuries. We personally manage the whole rug and carpet-making process which results in a product that can last for generations. Our hand made rugs and carpets are made out of the best quality Ghazni wool. They are naturally dyed using natural coloring matters such as tree barks, fruits, vegetables and other plant sources. Each rug and carpet that we produce is a symbol of our continued dedication to uphold a long-standing tradition of art work that we would like to share with you.


With ZARGAR RUGS you get only the finest quality hand knotted and hand woven Afghan and Pakistani rugs and carpets for a very affordable price. We have our own production area in Afghanistan and Pakistan so rest assured that you get the rugs directly from us because we are the one making them. So what are you waiting for? Avail now of our incredible prices and get these high quality rugs and carpets of your own. You are also welcome to visit our 1000 square meters of showroom near Amsterdam, Netherlands that houses a variety of high quality handmade rugs and carpets. Do you still have any questions? Just contact us and we would be happy to be of service to you

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